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When we attend to our own mental health and wellness, the ripples often extend beyond ourselves to our families, friendships, workplace and communities. Therapy is therefore an investment that can yield not only personal but collective and generational growth.


I am very thoughtful about the resources required of you to engage in this process. My aim is to work myself out of a job as I teach you to harness your inner healer. 


Sessions can be arranged for varied lengths of time depending on your needs. We typically meet 1x/week, but some clients need to meet more or less regularly. We determine frequency together and adjust as needs change over time.

20 minute consultation: free

55 minutes: $175

75 minutes: $240

90 minutes: $280


Why don't I take insurance?


The medical model used by insurance companies does not always fit my practice. The therapy I offer is process-based and not disorder-based. 


Insurance companies require that diagnostic information is provided and they control how that information is used.

They also define the parameters they deem necessary for therapy and I prefer to provide services to clients based on my years of training and experience instead of relying on input from third-party payers.

However, if your insurance company provides out-of-network benefits and you choose to submit a claim yourself, I can provide documentation in the form of a "superbill" and can provide basic guidance around this process. However, I do not work with insurance companies directly, and payment is due in full at the time of service. Insurance reimbursement typically arrives to you later. 

If you have a health savings account (HSA) my services might be eligible. However, please check with your company provider for details.

Let's Connect.

If you are in the state of Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi or Oregon and interested in a free 20 minute consultation, let's schedule a call.

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