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I offer weekly therapy sessions to clients who are ready to work with symptoms of depression, anxiety and trauma in creative and intuitive ways. This work is lively, engaging, and transformational. Clients who work best with me are those who are ready to compassionately turn towards difficult emotions, beliefs and past hurts. Our path is to not only attend to pain, but to discover the creativity and joy that calls out for reconnection. My practice often attracts highly perceptive individuals from all walks of life who are ready to connect to the power of their sensitive natures.  Therapists and other healing arts practitioners are therefore a particularly good fit for my practice.

Personal Development

Not all individuals who seek my help are in need of deep psychological work. There are those who have been longing for greater wellness, creativity and connection, but have come up against blocks (such as perfectionism, self-criticism, fear of making mistakes) that impede their optimal state of living. As a collective, many are waking up to the unhealthy conditioning and power structures that have polluted our relationships and connection with True Self. Many are now feeling called to engage more with intuition, compassion and presence in their work, home and communities.  Often these individuals have participated in some healing practices already and are seeking to bring their emotional and spiritual life into a more embodied, authentic and integrated state.


I have attained post-graduate training to help clients who are planning to use or have already used psychedelics for therapeutic or self-revealing purposes. I do not provide psychedelic therapy, and I do not refer people to psychedelic therapists, as (with the exception of ketamine therapy) these modalities are not yet legal outside of research settings. I use a "harm reduction" framework and offer a non-judgmental approach to help you explore factors such as intentions, expectations, and safety considerations. I also create a safe container to help integrate the emotional, mental and spiritual aftereffects of psychedelic use. Some clients already have a therapist and see me adjunctively for this specific service. This work also is flexible in the frequency we meet: once, multiple times, or weekly -- depending on your specific needs. 

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