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IFS Therapy: Meeting the Healer Inside

IFS therapy has been making headlines and piquing the interest of many therapy consumers. While this therapy has been around for decades, demand has recently exploded, and to be trained I had to actually win a lottery! And, wow, am I so glad that I did. This therapy has revolutionized how I work with clients. Also, through my own personal IFS journey with my own therapist, I have learned first-hand the power of this approach. I now believe that we all have an innate healer inside of us, and that healer is unconditional love.

Check out this interview where I speak with my friend, Moses (who also won the IFS lottery!) about all things IFS. We talk through the model of this approach and why we love it. We also introduce IFS lingo (protectors: managers and firefighters) and the concept of the True Self -- the curious, compassionate, loving presence resides in each of us. We explore the relationship between the Self, unconditional love and the divine. We dive into how this approach allows space for all things spiritual--which is an unusual and delightful addition to psychotherapy. It's a great discusssion for anyone who has been longing for deeper, more holistic psychological/emotional/spiritual transformation.


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